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Thursday, August 19, 2021

UCASU to Form Council of Community Leaders to Advise Landmark Renovation

UC Asset LP (OTCQX: UCASU) announced today that the company will form a council of community leaders from diverse backgrounds to support the firm's plans in relation to the newly acquired Rufus Rose House. The council will advise on the restoration as well as the future use of Rufus Rose House, the oldest building in downtown Atlanta, and is officially recognized as a national Historic Place and a Landmark Building of the city.

“We are committed to refurbishing the Rufus Rose House to its proud original state,” says Christal Jordan, Executive Director, UC Asset. “We are confident our long term vision for the property will serve as a reminder of Atlanta's rich history, while pushing the city towards an even more inclusive community. We look forward to welcoming a diverse group of leaders from various sectors in the city including: politics, business, education, art, fashion, music and much more to our 2021 Rufus Rose Council. Together we will make the restoration of the property a symbol of unity, commitment and achievement for the people of Atlanta,” says Jordan.

“When we acquired Rufus Rose House, we envisioned its investment value was mostly in its historic and social values; not the tangible house as a piece of commercial property,” explains Greg Bankston, managing general partner of UC Asset. “Yes, the property has great commercial value. It is in a great location, right in the heart of downtown Atlanta, and only one block away from the tallest building in the city, the Bank of America Tower. With that said, the commercial value of a piece of property has limits; tied to the rent cashflow it may generate. But we realize the intangible value in its historic, artistic and social traits is limitless. We will work to improve its historic and social values and will apply innovative business models to monetize these values.”

Earlier this summer, UC Asset announced plans to monetize the intangible values of the Rufus Rose house in conjunction with a technology partner to create and sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) , which will contain licenses to use certain intangible rights of the property. Those NFTs will be based on crypto-currency Ethereum and block chain technologies. UC Asset expects that its technology partner will issue up to 1,000 NFTs at $300 to $500 per token, in its first sale campaign, which will launch on September 8th.

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About UC Asset LP
UC Asset LP is a limited partnership formed for the purpose of investing in real estate with value-added strategies, concentrating in metropolitan areas of Atlanta, GA. For more information about UC Asset, please visit:

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