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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Santa Claus’s $400 Campaign Against Political Heavyweights in Alaska

A man who has legally changed his name to Santa Claus and is indeed the spitting image of Father Christmas, plans on running for Congress from Alaska. He also plans on putting in no more than $400 into his campaign, and calls the humongous amount of money put into political campaigns ridiculous.

While on the face of it this may seem like just another practical joke, Santa’s public service record speaks for itself. Santa, whose political ideology matches that of Bernie Sanders, was New York City’s assistant deputy police commissioner. He has also volunteered with more than 30 not-for-profit organization's.

Santa decided to take his role as Father Christmas seriously when, while dressed and volunteering as Santa, a little boy said “I love you Santa” to him. He even moved to Alaska.

On his Twitter account @SantaClausforAK, Santa describes himself as an “independent, progressive, democratic socialist”. He also makes his affection for 80 year old Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders quite clear.

“My platform is quite similar to that of Bernie Sanders, so I refer a lot of people to his website,” Santa said.

The real question remains: Would you vote for Santa Claus?

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