Friday, May 6, 2022

USA No Longer in Pandemic Phase, says Fauci


Dr Anthony Fauci on Tuesday said the USA is on its way to exit the pandemic phase of the Covid-19 pandemic that has battered the world for over three years.

Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the White House’s chief medical adviser, made the comments on PBS Newshour. He further clarified that he was speaking about the “worst part” of the pandemic.

“We no longer have hundreds of thousands of cases a day and thousands of deaths,” the nation’s top infectious disease expert said, adding that USA was currently at a “low level”.

One day later, speaking to The Washington Post, Fauci seemed to clarify his earlier remarks, saying that he was speaking about the pandemic transitioning from one stage to another.

Currently, recorded coronavirus cases in the US have been lower when compared to recent months despite an almost 25% increase in the last week itself and a 49% upswing over the period of the last two weeks.

After this recent surge, the WHO has asked nations to remain vigilant.

US Vice-President Kamal Harris recently tested positive for Covid-19 though she is not exhibiting any symptoms, as per a spokesperson.

According to official figures, more than 6.2 million people have lost their lives in the Covid-19 pandemic.

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