Saturday, April 30, 2022

Will help India Project Force to Counter Chinese Naval Activity, says US Official

via Indian Navy
A senior official of the American government on Wednesday said that the USA aims to work in tandem with India in the Indian Ocean region. Its aim in doing so is not only to make sure the Indo-Pacific area remains open and free but also to project force to counter Chinese activity.

From the disputed South China Sea to the Line of Actual Control to the Indian Ocean region, upswing in activity by the People’s Liberation Army is aimed at undermining the status quo, the official said anonymously.

The US is also currently focusing on supporting India’s attempt to modernize its military. It is the American government’s aim to help the world’s largest democracy move away from its dependence on Russian military equipment.

It is interesting to note that India’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been very different when compared to that of other members of the Quad. The Quad is the name given to strategic security dialogue between India, Australia, Japan and the USA, which has of late become extremely significant due to PLA’s increased activity in the Indian Ocean.

The official said that the official relationship between the Indian government and the Biden administration is among the “most significant in the world”.

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