Monday, January 10, 2022

Joe Biden signs Defense Bill worth a whopping $770 billion


The White House has announced that in the fiscal year 2022, $770 billion will be spent on military. The annual defense bill was signed by the U.S. President Joe Biden after it was approved by both the House and the Senate. This is a milestone towards the national security. Out of the bill, $300 million will be spent on Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. This move is due to the ongoing tension between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine.

The bill comprises $4 billion dollars for the European Defense Initiative. A sum of $150 million is reserved for the Baltic security cooperation. The bill is also formed keeping in mind to tackle problems with China over the issue of Chinese Taipei. A sum of $7.1 billion is for the cause of Pacific Deterrance Initiative. On the other hand, if we consider China's point of view on the bill, then the bill had been regarded as an interference. Under Biden administration, the global adventurism of the United States has resulted in tensions between Russia and China.

A "multi-year independent Afghanistan War Commission" has also been formed as a part of the bill. The bill also states that the basic pay of the defense personnel will increase by 2.7 percent.

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