Tuesday, January 11, 2022

How COVID-19 is Playing a Significant Role in European Politics

Photo by Anna Shvets

COVID-19 has hugely impacted the multilateral system of the European Union. Post-COVID-19 world is in huge need of the co-leadership that has seen a setback during the pandemic in Europe. Europe was completely unprepared for the virus. There was a lack of solidarity. But now, the things are changing for the better.

The confrontation and competition between the US and China has become a defining factor in the global politics. This has also influenced the European politics. Moreover, the world is taking globalization with a pinch of salt with countries sealing their borders to avoid foreigners from contaminating the natives. Globally famous pharma companies are now under great scrutiny. Countries that were till now dependent on Europe and other western countries for their medical supplies have started to make pharma supplies in-house. As a result, the economy of Europe has faced a huge blow.

With US withdrawing funding from WHO, China emerged as an active fighter against the virus as compared to the western nations. Thus, a strong need was felt for EU to stand out as the leader in multilaterism. The political parties are aiming to strengthen the bonds and to ensure that such an outbreak does not make them loose grip in the future.

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