Thursday, December 2, 2021

UK Signs Cyber Security & Digital Identity Deals at Future Tech Forum

The UK G7 Digital and Tech Presidency recently came to an end amidst much praise. The summit set global precedent by being the backdrop for a collective consensus about strengthening laws on digital identity and cyber security.


One of the highlights of the summit was the signing of digital deals by the UK with other attending nations.


The UK-Singapore Digital Economy Agreement expected to improve relations between the nations


One of the major deals signed by the UK was the UK-Singapore Digital Economy Agreement designed to facilitate more secure and seamless digital business between the two nations. The countries agreed to work towards reducing digital barriers and improving the management of digital identity security. There was also intense discussion about changing the antiquated paper-based recording of UK-Singapore business transactions and moving everything to the digital sphere. This is expected to afford greater transparency and accountability.


The two nations also discussed the need to create an open and free cyber community that fostered the growth of small businesses. Additionally, the focus of the deals was also on making cyber experiences and digital businesses more sustainable and eco-friendlier.


The UK endorses Prague Proposals


Another major occurrence during the Presidency was the UK’s endorsement of the Prague Proposals. The proposals seek to infuse greater supplier diversity into telecommunications networks to reduce overdependency on select suppliers.


The Presidency is heading to Germany next, where more such groundbreaking digital deals are expected to unfold.

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