Friday, December 3, 2021

The US Receives Backlash from China & Russia for Selective Invitations to the “Summit for Democracy”

The United States is expected to host the “Summit for Democracy” in December this year. But in a move dubbed wholly “anti-democratic,” they have chosen to extend only selective invitations to their global counterparts.


Incensed, the governments of Russia and China have accused the US of enacting a “value-based democracy” and inviting countries like India and Poland that share similar values and political interests, while at the same time excluding important players such as Hungary and Serbia, amongst others.


Similar, but not the same


In an essay penned by the Chinese Government, the country responded to the US’s decision to be exclusionary in their invites as a result of a mismatch in political ambitions. China stated that both they and Russia were two of the largest democracies in the world, but were still slighted, because of being “different” from the US. The essay even accused the US of deliberately creating fresh dividing lines amidst nations by dubbing some as “good” and others as “bad.” The countries accused the US of forcing their skewed ideology onto the world – which they deem “an affront to democracy.”


The US warned of international conflict


With the “Summit for Democracy” just days away but invites not yet sent to many governments, things look like they will continue to be in a stand-off for a long time. Political experts in China and Russia say that this move by the US could have long-standing negative implications for countries around the world.

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