Thursday, December 2, 2021

Pope Advises World To Not Use Immigrants In Political Games

In an interview with the press, much-beloved Pope Francis warned global governments to stop using immigrants as pawns in their games. Calling world politics a “political chessboard,” the Pope advised about the inhumanity of using immigrants as excuses for their law-making and political decisions.


Belarus brings out the worst in governments


The humanitarian crisis occurring in Europe has generated much talk and activity around the world. Thousands of immigrants from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa are being denied entry into the European Union border due to an orchestrated move by Belarus.


The issue started when Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko threatened the EU that he would flood the region with drug peddlers, smugglers, traffickers, and more. In an attempt to antagonize the EU, Belarus even gave Belarusian travel visas to immigrants wishing to relocate to the EU. However, once the immigrants reached Belarus, they were denied further help and instead shown ways to illegally enter various EU countries. If caught, they were not offered any support, help, or extradition from the Belarusian government.


Pope shocked and saddened by the inhumanity


In his interview, Pope Francis expressed great sadness for the way immigrants were used as “bargaining chips” between countries. Talking about how European leaders were stripping immigrants of their dignity, the Pope urged governments to see sense. He begged world leaders to stop the exploitation of suffering and despair and help immigrants stuck at borders lead a life of dignity.

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