Wednesday, September 15, 2021

10 Ways For Brands To Join The Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and a splendid opportunity for smart and innovative brands to learn more about the Hispanic community and join the celebration without sounding cocky. As done every year, Hispanic Marketing agency and Spanish SEO provider Hispanic Market Advisors® shares some tips for brands and organizations (private and public) to join the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration (September 15th to October 15th) with activities that may build and expand multicultural connections and deepens awareness of the cultural sensitivities of the Hispanic community.

There’s a lot more to the Hispanic culture than knowing how to sing Despacito, so with the purpose of helping brands to deepen connections with Hispanic-Americans, we wanted to take a Momentito to list ten ways in which you and your company could celebrate and honor Hispanic heritage.

Sebastian Aroca, Managing Partner with Hispanic Market Advisors®, reminds brands that, “it’s important to avoid misguided marketing campaigns aimed at Latinos while honoring the Hispanic Heritage Month. When done incorrectly or with insensitivity, it can turn up your brand rather infamous with the Latino audience,” added Aroca.

Here are ten executing ideas you may consider implementing to join the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, starting on September 15:

1.Acknowledge your Hispanic employees for their contributions
2.Integrate diversity into your business and promote cross-cultural comprehension
3.Create a Scholarship and Encourage Hispanic and Latino Students to Apply
4.Join Hispanic Organizations and Minority Business Programs
5.Establish strategic partnerships with Multicultural Agencies
6.Source MBE Suppliers and Vendors
7.Create Microsites and Unique Content in honor of the Hispanic Heritage Month
8.Bilingual Press Release Distribution in honor of the Hispanic Heritage Month
9.Matching your Brand with Top Latino Celebrities and Trend-Setters
10.Advertise in Local Hispanic Newspapers

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