Sunday, June 27, 2021

Napoleon, Brancusi and United Arab Emirates

 ew meeting between Thierry Rayer president of Le Cercle d’Études Scientifiques Rayer and the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Paris, His Excellency Mr Ali Al-Ahmed

On the occasion of the Bicentenary of the death of the Emperor Napoleon, Thierry Rayer, Comte d' Escayrac de Lauture, president of « Le Cercle d’Etudes Scientifiques Rayer » went to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in order to offer to His Excellency Ali-Al Ahmed, his review « Transmission ».

Within the framework of this meeting, the president of the « Cercle » and His Excellency were able to share their common interest for the access to the right to the happiness by the art and the culture through the discovery of Thierry Rayer « The knowledge and the know-how of the universal process of the Creation », revealed by the Work of the sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

Indeed, this discovery concerns all the history of the Humanity and to contribute to its diffusion allows to gather the peoples around common values that are: the happiness, the peace and the reconciliation of the peoples.

During their exchanges, His Excellency Ali Al-Ahmed and Thierry Rayer Comte d'Escayrac de Lauture agreed to present the universal discovery and the universal works of art of Constantin Brancusi to the Minister of State of the culture of the United Arab Emirates, Mrs. Noura Al Kaabi and also to the Direction of the Museum of the Louvre of Abu Dhabi.

The president of the « Cercle » said: «The transmission of the universality of culture perpetuates the legacy left to us by the Emperor Napoleon I, I am honored to perpetuate with the United Arab Emirates this heritage ».

The learned society will be able to present its discovery concerning the universality of culture and therefore of art revealed by the work of art « Le Baiser de 1905 »by Constantin Brancusi in Abu Dhabi and to make known the interest of the universal works of art of the sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

The knowledge and awareness that every culture in the world comes from a common fountain will contribute to peace and happiness. This will give the Emirates the opportunity to become a bridge between the countries of the world by promoting the Universality of Culture.

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