Sunday, November 15, 2020

Hiveage Launches Paylinks to Help Small Businesses Accept Payments

Hiveage Inc., the company behind
 Hiveage, the popular online invoicing software-as-a-service trusted by 65,000 customers worldwide, announced the launch of their new product, Paylinks. It is a mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms that helps small businesses sell products and services without the need to have dedicated e-commerce or point-of-sale systems.

Paylinks achieves this by generating web links and QR codes, which can be shared with the customer through any medium, such as social media, messaging apps, SMS or email. The customer can then follow the link or scan the QR code to visit a custom-generated online checkout page, where they can make the payment using PayPal or Stripe.

Explaining the thinking behind Paylinks, the Hiveage Inc. CEO Lankitha Wimalarathna said, “The COVID-19 crisis has shown us the value of many things that we take for granted, such as simple human contact. It has also forced us to rethink many of our usual ways of working and doing business. Contactless payments, for example, has become an essential requirement in many industries. Paylinks was the result of our research on creating a viable option for small businesses to adapt to these changes.”

Paylinks is intended to be a fast, simple and cost-efficient way for businesses to accept small payments in person or online, without the need for e-commerce systems, special devices like card readers or lengthy processes involving invoices. Some example scenarios for using Paylinks would be:

A fitness instructor sending payment requests to the participants of a group session via Whatsapp
A food stall displaying Paylinks QR codes for the customers to scan and pay for what they order
Selling tickets to an event with a payment link shared online or a QR code to be scanned at the door
Accepting donations of variable amounts through a single payment link, shareable through multiple channels

Paylinks is designed to be easy and affordable for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses, according to Wimalarathna. “We currently support PayPal and Stripe as payment methods, but we will soon be adding other popular gateways such as Square. Paylinks will charge 1% or $1, whichever is lower, per payment made on a payment link. There are no other fees or hidden costs. This is significantly lower than any of the business solutions currently available in the market. Our goal is to grow together with budding entrepreneurs and small businesses.”

About Hiveage Inc.
Hiveage is an online invoicing software-as-a-service trusted by more than 65,000 small businesses worldwide. With Hiveage, freelancers and small businesses can send invoices and estimates, accept online payments through more than a dozen payment gateways, charge subscriptions and manage recurring billing, keep track of businesses finances and generate reports, and more. Paylinks is their latest product. 

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