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Monday, May 2, 2022

Joe Biden set to visit South Korea and Japan

 American President Joe Biden is set to visit South Korea and Japan in May, making it his first presidential trip to Asia. Biden will be touring the two countries between May 20 and 24, in a visit that aims to highlight his administration’s focus on the Asian region.

During his visit, Biden will be holding talks with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts and will also meet leaders from India, Japan and Australia as part of the Quad partnership meet.

The Asian trip comes at a time when the Biden-Harris administration is doing everything it can to keep all of its allies united and on the same page when it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The unprovoked war started by Russia has been the major international issue which has consumed Biden’s second year in office. The USA has pledged millions of dollars in both military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, while simultaneously slapping sanction after sanction on Russia. Both Japan and South Korea are also in the process of moving its natural gas supplies from Russia to Europe.

The trip is seen as especially significant as the American government tries to make its foreign policy more Asia-centric in order to keep China’s growing influence in the region in check.

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