Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Enhanced Safety of Cash Payments for Exeter Customers with Paysafecash


Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Paysafe is a reputed name among specialized payment platforms. The leading player recently announced a collaboration with Exeter Finance, which is a noted indirect auto loans company based in Irving, Texas. The partnership is intended to expand Paysafe’s presence in the auto loans realm of the US by providing its Paysafecash eCash solution to Exeter customers. The payments platform entered the auto financing payments sector of the US in Q2 2021. It’s now available as an alternative payment method for Exeter’s customers.

With Paysafecash, making loan payments online for Exeter’s customers are likely to become easier and safer. Users can simply log in to their account and select Paysafecash as the payment method. This step generates an online barcode, which can be stored either in print or digitally. After identifying one of the 70,000+ pharmacies, convenience stores, or dollar stores in the country that serve as Paysafecash payment points, people can present the barcode and complete the cash payment. Whether they are purchasing a new car to drive to work or dropping the kids at school, Exeter’s customers who favor cash payments now have Paysafecash, a great payment alternative that suits their payment preferences and simplifies their auto loan repayments.

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