Friday, December 10, 2021

Will 2022 See a Global Financial Crash?

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich

The Covid-19 pandemic has left a lasting scar on the world economy, but not all sectors bore the brunt. For example, the information and technology sector has grown through the pandemic, reaching unprecedented scales. The global tourism industry, on the other hand, has suffered huge losses. However, even the plummeting sectors are now going through a U-shaped recovery, and hope to soon make up for the losses. Despite positive data and trends, inflation remains a problem in the world. In many countries, inflation was at an all-time high following the Covid-19 pandemic. The main reasons were supply chain bottlenecks and operations being halted. 

The biggest question now is about the financial state of the world in 2022. While most major powers are showing no signs of an impending crash, the fear lurks in the minds of many. The possibility of a crash increase when we take into account the recent conflicts between alternative financial models and the governments. Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns have also destroyed a few sectors for a long time, and they will need a long time to recover. To summarize, inflation and no confidence in government are the two key factors that can negatively affect global economics in 2022.

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