Saturday, December 4, 2021

Experts See Low Hospitalization in South Africa After Omicron Outbreak


Omicron is the latest in the string of the evolution of the Coronavirus. But, unlike its predecessors, scientists have found that the variant is highly-transmittable and particularly dangerous.


Reports from South Africa indicate that despite being so deadly, the country is seeing fewer cases of hospitalization compared to other dangerous variants, like the Delta. Doctors in South Africa are reporting patients as displaying acute fatigue and throat irritation. The virus is also believed to not have resulted in any deaths so far.


Smell and taste intact


South African doctors have verified that patients affected by the Omicron variant still retain their sense of smell and taste. However, just as with other Covid19 variants, there is an observable drop in blood oxygen levels. While hospitals are being ready in anticipation of further evolution of the Omicron coronavirus, so far, there is no indication of the symptoms becoming more severe.


India promises vaccines to South Africa


India and South Africa have always had very friendly relations. In an effort to help out a friend, the Government of India has promised Made-In-India Covid19 vaccines, PPE kits, gloves, and other medical supplies to South Africa. Being the largest producer of generic pharmaceuticals in the world, India, in particular, has the ability to manufacture Covid19 vaccines at a fraction of the cost of American and European countries. This is expected to be a boon for South Africa, where a large portion of the population is middle class or lower in the economy.

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